Atoxelene Infusion – The Botox Alternative!

The Atoxelene Serum is designed specifically to refine the forehead, soften eye contour and immediately plump and smooth the lips.  The natural amino peptide, Argireline significantly targets expression lines and increases skin firmness – the skin instantly looks smoother and feels tighter and firmer. Maintain this positive change with an Atoxelene treatment® every four to six weeks. With continued use of home support products results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days.


Rejuvenate Infusion

Cooling, calming Oxygen under light pressure is applied directly to the skin’s surface increasing the absorption of the Rejuvenate Serum.  Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, youthful and glowing with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a visible lift, better volume and increased firmness. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days, in conjunction with continued use of at home products.


Opulence Brightening Infusion

A blend of botanical brighteners and super-concentrated Vitamin C safely and naturally treat the cause of uneven skin tone while revealing new-found luminosity and radiance. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, more luminous, and glowing with vitality. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days with continued use.


Clarity Acne Infusion

Unique Clarity Serum contains lightweight Hyaluronic Acid and a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants. Blemish fighting botanicals naturally reduces bacteria to calm inflammation and redness. Phytosphingosine and botanical ingredients soothe, calm and balance to dramatically refine the way the skin looks.


Ultimate Anti-Aging Infusion

The treatment everyone is talking about! The Rejuvenate or Opulence Infusion plus Atoxelene Infusion work together to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while tightening and firming for more defined facial contour. Special care is taken to smooth, open, and refine the eye contour area while the lips are plumped and hydrated. Experience visible line smoothing and firming instantly! This truly ultimate treatment is heavenly and provides rejuvenation for face, neck and decollete.